How am I supported throughout the course?

Our student support team ensure you receive all the help you need to get you through your studies. Students studying online can simply send a message via the online system to gain the assistance they need. All of our student support staff are highly qualified and experienced fitness professionals.

The course resources are easy to use and have been developed by presenters experienced in both fitness and teaching.

Why should I enrol with AFA Asia instead of another educational provider?

With over 26 years of fitness education experience we are the leaders in fitness education and our levels of student support are second to none. You can be confident that when you contact us you will be communicating with a highly qualified and experienced fitness and education professional.

Other education providers offer qualifications in a very short time frame. But it doesn’t allow you to develop the depth of understanding you need to be an exercise professional. Or their qualifications are delivered entirely online or through reading a course manual. With our combination of online study and practical placement, you receive the best outcome – thorough in-depth knowledge combined with practical skills developed in a real fitness centre.

Our graduates recommend us! We have a very high rate of referrals from graduates within the industry and from fitness centre and PT Managers. Why? Because they know we deliver first-class education and highly skilled graduates.

What does the qualification enable me to do?

The qualification provides several outcomes. On completion you can:

  • Work as a personal trainer working in a fitness centre, PT studio, hotel or resort
  • Set up your own business as a personal trainer
  • Work with sports teams and athletes to improve their physical fitness capabilities

Of course, some people also complete the qualification for personal reasons to assist them to train more effectively – and that’s a good reason too!

Is there a payment plan?

The course fees can be paid in full on enrolment or via a payment plan. The payment plan enables you to pay the course fees in 2 instalments as follows:

  • $625USD on enrolment
  • $625USD paid two months after commencement

Please note the course fee is $1000 USD if paid in full on enrolment or $1250 USD if paid via instalments.

The qualification will only be issued if the course fees have been paid in full.

What happens if I fail the final assessment?

The final assessment requires you to develop exercise programs to achieve the health and fitness goals of several ‘case study’ clients. It is designed to assess your ability to develop suitable exercise programs for clients.

If you fail the final assessment you will be provided with extensive feedback to assist you to clarify the areas graded as ‘unsuccessful’. Once you have reviewed the feedback you will be permitted to amend your assessment and resubmit it.

If you fail the final assessment twice you will be required to pay a re-submission fee ($100 USD) before your re-submission is assessed.

If your third attempt is unsuccessful then you will be required to re-enrol if you wish to have any further attempts.

Keep in mind the course contains extensive resources to prepare you for the final assessment, so it is expected you will be very well prepared before you attempt the final assessment.

Course timeframes – when can I start and how quickly can I complete the qualification?

Once you have completed the enrolment forms and paid the course fee (or deposit) you can commence the course almost immediately. Your enrolment will be processed within 2 business days, once we have confirmed your contact and payment details.

It is expected that the qualification will take approximately 6 months to complete but there are no minimum timeframes. You have access to all the course resources when you enrol which enables you to work through it as quickly as you wish. If you need additional time, you have up to 12 months to complete the course.

What IT requirements are needed to complete the qualification?

All of our course materials are compatible with standard versions of Windows and Mac computers. Students will be required to download Adobe Reader (a free download) as a minimum to view PDF documents. This can be downloaded at https://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Our LMS is compatible with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Please use the most up-to-date version of your preferred browser to ensure that everything on the site operates properly.

For watching videos, please ensure you have the most up-to-date Flash Player installed and have the video link whitelisted from virus software and Firewalls.

For further information about the system requirements when studying this course, please click here.

Do I need to be fit to complete the course?

You don’t complete a fitness test prior to enrolling! However, it is recommended that you have a reasonable level of fitness as you will be required to participate in practical activities throughout the course.

Most students are looking to gain employment in the fitness industry so there is an expectation you will promote a fit and healthy lifestyle.
The qualification is also suitable for people who just want to find out more about fitness and exercise to increase their own knowledge to enable them to train more effectively.

Do I need to have First Aid, Insurance and Registration?

It is highly recommended you complete a First Aid qualification and check whether your country has registration, accreditation and insurance requirements for personal trainers. These additional requirements may be needed prior to you commencing work as a personal trainer.

They are not included in the AFA Asia Certificate in Personal Training.

What happens if I start the course but change my mind?

There is a 28 day cooling-off period from the start date of the course. If you decide you no longer wish to complete the qualification you can apply to withdraw. If you apply within the 28-day cooling-off period, you will be refunded the fee paid less a $200 USD administration fee.

There are no refunds after the 28-day cooling-off period.

Please refer to the terms and conditions here.

Are my qualifications recognised internationally?

The qualification is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge to gain employment as a Personal Trainer. AFA Asia has submitted the qualification to the relevant professional associations throughout Asia. The endorsement of these associations will be displayed on our website and the certificate once it has been issued.

Most associations will require you to also complete a first aid qualification prior to your endorsement as an exercise professional.

Can I receive credits or exemptions for fitness related studies I have previously completed with another training provider?

Without an international industry standard to follow, each training provider is able to determine the content to include in their course, how it is delivered and how it is assessed. From our experience, this means there is commonly a variation in the level of depth and quality of training and assessment among providers, making it difficult to ensure that studies completed elsewhere meet the standards we expect from our course.

Whilst we do not formally recognise prior learning, students who have completed previous fitness studies often benefit from participating in our course, using it as an opportunity to refresh their skills and knowledge and complete the course in much shorter timeframes.

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